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I commenced the construction of this website on Jan 20, 2008 and expect that it will be in constant development as I gather information. The web pages will remain simplistic in design and hopefully very informative.

 IMPORTANT: I am not a medical professional (nor an expert in web design or journalism), just an informed prostate cancer patient who has spent  hundreds of hours of research into prostatic disease for over five years.. The purpose of the site is to provide information (not medical advice).  The information and opinions expressed on this web site are not an endorsement or recommendation for any medical treatment, product, service or course of action. Any matter relating to your health should be discussed with a health professional.


A discussion forum might be added later. In the meanwhile, if you wish to tell others of your experience or feel you can offer information that may be helpful to others, please contact me.


My primary aim is to assist men and/or their partners, and also the medical profession, locate hospitals and medical institutions in Australia where specific equipment or services relating to prostate disease are available. Your input in this regard will be very much appreciated - contact.


My name is Trevor Simpson. I was diagnosed with localised prostate cancer in November 2003. My story.

 Whilst it is easy enough via search engines and websites to get considerable information re prostate diseases and treatment, I have found it difficult to find some information.

 For instance, to mention some examples: -

  • Who are specialists with particular interest is a specific field of urology and where are they located?
  • Where do I find a place in Australia that does endorectal MRI with spectroscopy analysis (MRI-S)?
  • Where in Australia are radiotherapy services offered?
  • Where are standalone HDR brachytherapy procedures done?

 I have included considerable material from public domain sources that is not subject to copyright such as content from the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute USA. Also a substantial amount of content/text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License such as from Wikipedia.