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 The location table below, only lists those facilities in Australia, which I believe are doing brachytherapy. I will update this page as I become aware of more locations.

HELP! If you know of other places within Australia where Brachytherapy for prostate cancer is being offered, please message me: Contact

Brachytherapy is a radiotherapy treatment, often used to treat localised prostate cancer.

The "seeds" low dose rate (LDR) procedure is when radioactive seeds, about the size of a grain of rice, are inserted directly into the prostate tissue. These radioactive seeds remain in the prostate and the radioactivity subsides within a few months. The stay in hospital is usually same day or maybe overnight.

  Brachytherapy "seeds".

Another procedure is called high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy whereby radioactive needles, are temporarily inserted into the prostate. Three separate treatments are usually done. The stay in hospital is short, generally 2 days. HDR brachytherapy is usually part of a program, which may involve: (1) pre-treatment with a hormone to reduce the prostate size, (2) the HDR therapy and (3) moderate external beam radiation. However there are at least a couple of institutions in Australia where monotherapy HDR brachytherapy (without external beam) is being done. These are the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne.

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 Please note:  Contact details or treatment facilities provided may have changed since this list was compiled.
 If you are aware of any changes, I would appreciate you notifying me, thanks. Contact

 Locations below are sorted by postcode within each State.


   ACT - NSW - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA


Canberra Hospital
Yamba Drive,
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR
Web: Website
Tel: (02) 6244 2222

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New South Wales

Prince of Wales Hospital
(Public hospital)

Radiation Oncology
Barker Street
Randwick, Sydney NSW 2031
Brachytherapy: HDR
Web: Website
Tel: (02) 9382 2501
Tel: (02) 9382 2518
Fax: (02) 9382 2550

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
119-143 Missenden Road
Camperdown, Sydney NSW 2050
Brachytherapy: HDR
1300 852 500

The Mater Hospital
Level 6, Mater Medical Centre
200 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest, Sydney NSW 2065
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR
Tel: (02) 9929 2625
Treatment Centre:
The Mater Hospital
Lower Ground Floor
Rocklands Road
North Sydney NSW 2060
Tel: (02) 9929 2600

Royal North Shore Hospital
Northern Sydney Cancer Centre
Radiation Oncology Department
Pacific Highway and Reserve Road
St. Leonards, Sydney NSW 2065
Brachytherapy:  LDR, HDR.
Web: Website
Tel: (02) 9926 5010
Fax: (02) 9906 4150

Sydney Adventist Hospital
185 Fox Valley Road,
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR.
Tel: +61 2 9487 9111
Fax: +61 2 9487 9266

Westmead Hospital
Cnr Hawkesbury and Darcy Roads,
Westmead, NSW 2145
Brachytherapy: HDR
Web: Website
Tel: (02) 9845 5555
Fax: (02) 9845 5000

St George Hospital
Cancer Care Centre,
Gray Street, Kogarah, Sydney. NSW 2217
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR.
Web: Website

Tel: (02) 9350 1111
Fax: (02) 9350 3958
Public program offers fully funded LDR seed brachytherapy.

Calvary Mater Hospital
Corner of Edith & Platt Streets
Waratah, NSW 2298
Brachytherapy: HDR
Web: Website
Tel: 4014 3125

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Wesley Hospital
451 Coronation Drive, Auchenflower,
Brisbane Qld 4066 
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR (Monotherapy), HDR with EBRT.
Tel: (07) 3232 7000
Fax: (07) 3371 6834

Greenslopes Private Hospital
Newdegate Street, Greenslopes,
Brisbane QLD 4120
Brachytherapy: LDR.
Tel: (07) 3394 7111

John Flynn Private Hospital
42 Inland Drive
Brachytherapy: LDR
Tel: (07) 5598 0366
Fax: (07) 5598 0377

Mater Hospital Pimlico (Townsville)
21 - 37 Fulham Road
Pimlico QLD 4812
Brachytherapy: LDR
Tel: (07) 4727 4444
Fax: (07) 4725 1034


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South Australia

Royal Adelaide Hospital
North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR.
Web: Website
Tel: (08) 8222 4000
Fax: (08) 8222 5170

Calvary North Adelaide Hospital
89 Strangways Terrace
North Adelaide, SA 5006
Brachytherapy: LDR.
Web: Website
Tel: (08) 8239 9100

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W P Holman Clinic
Royal Hobart Hospital
48 Liverpool Street
Hobart, TAS, 7000
Brachytherapy: LDR
Web: Website
Tel:  (03) 6166 8000
Fax: (03) 6222 8762
LDR seeds are currently for privately insured patients only.


W. P. Holman Clinic
Launceston General Hospital
287 - 289 Charles St.
Launceston, Tasmania 7250
Brachytherapy: HDR
Web: Website
Tel:  (03) 6777 6140 or 1300 667 674
Fax: (03) 6331 6371

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East Melbourne Oncology Centre
(Freemasons Hospital)
132 Grey St, East Melbourne 3002
Brachytherapy: LDR.
Tel: (03) 9418 2200
Fax: (03)9418 2288

Epworth Freemasons
166 Clarendon Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR
Web: Website
Tel: 03 9483 3331​​
Fax: 03 9483 3332

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
305 Grattan Street
Melbourne VIC 3000.Australia
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR
Web: Website
Tel: (03) 8559 5000

The Alfred Hospital
The Melbourne Prostate Institute (MPI)
William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre (WBRC)
South Block, The Alfred, Baker Lane
Melbourne. VIC 3004

Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR
Email MPI: Send mail
Web MPI:  Website
Tel: (03) 9076 2961


Email WBRC:

Tel: (03) 9276 2337
Fax: (03) 9276 2916

Epworth Prostate Centre
Level 2, 185 187 Hoddle Street
Richmond 3121
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR
Web: Website
Tel: 03 9936 8032

Ringwood Private Hospital

36 Mt Dandenong Road, Ringwood East, VIC 3135
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR.
Web: Website
Tel: (03) 8804 4000
Fax: (03) 8804 4111

Peter MacCallum - Bendigo
Bendigo Radiotherapy Services
Stewart St
Bendigo. VIC 3550
Brachytherapy: LDR
Web: Website
Tel: (03) 5454 9234
Provided by Urologist plus Private Colleague

St John of God Hospital

Lily Street,
Bendigo. VIC 3550
Brachytherapy: LDR
Tel: (03) 5434 3434
Fax: (03) 5434 3455

Latrobe Regional Hospital
William Buckland Radiotherapy Gippsland
Latrobe Regional Hospital, Traralgon VIC 3844
Brachytherapy:  See Note below.
Web: Website
Tel: (03) 5173 8770
Fax: (03) 5173 8473
Note: Dr Ben Hindson (Radiation Oncologist) from the Melbourne Prostate Institute
can see potential brachytherapy patients from Gippsland at the Latrobe regional
hospital ( Public) although the brachytherapy is still performed at the Alfred.
This allows men to have the consultations and follow up closer to home in Traralgon. 


The Bays Hospital
Vale Street, Mornington VIC 3931
Brachytherapy: LDR, (HDR?)
Web: Website
Tel: (03) 5975 2009

 Melbourne Prostate Institute radiation oncologists perform the brachytherapy
( with Mr Chee Wee Cham, Mr Chris Chang or Mr Alwyn Tan).

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Western Australia

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Radiation Oncology Cancer Centre
Gairdner Drive, Nedlands,
Perth 6009, Western Australia
Brachytherapy: LDR, HDR
Web: Website
Tel: (08) 6883 3000

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