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 The location list below, only lists clinics and institutions within Australia  I know of at this time to be doing  endorectal MRI with spectroscopy.
 I will update this page as I become aware of more locations.

If you know of other places within Australia where endorectal MRI for prostate cancer is being offered, please contact me. Thanks.
Although not common in Australia, MRI combined with MRS (also termed MRSI) is gaining acceptance as a very useful tool in determining the extent of localised prostate cancer, including the seminal vesicles and nearby lymph nodes. For men suspected of having prostate cancer, MRS can help determine the region of the prostate to be targeted for a biopsy.

Spectroscopic imaging determines the levels of choline and citrate in the prostate. Choline is high, citrate is low in prostate cancer tissue. In healthy tissue choline is low, citrate is high.

The two procedures, MRI and MRSI imaging are carried out simultaneously.  An endorectal coil provides the MRSI data. Generally, it is considered that if the MRI and MRS agree, then the accuracy of positively diagnosing prostate cancer is about 75% to 90%.

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Note. This page is currently being revised.

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MRSI Facilities in Australia.

Facilities are sorted by Postcode within each State.
Please note:  Address or contact details may have changed since this list was compiled. If you are aware of any changes, I would appreciate you notifying me, thanks. Contact



St Vincent's Private Diagnostic Radiology
406 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Tel. 02 8382 7530
Fax. 02 8382 6507
Web: Website
Tesla 1.5 and 3.0 scanners.
The Tesla unit is a measure of the strength of the MRI magnetic field.
 Higher strength = higher definition (better image) MRI.

Southern Radiology
Neuroscience Building
Prince of Wales Hospital Campus
Cnr Barker Street and Hospital Rd, Randwick.
Tel. (02) 9399 1200
Fax. (02) 9399 1202
Email: Send
Web: Website
High Strength 3T scanning with dedicated prostate imaging inclusive of perfusion analysis.

Suite 4, Ground Floor, RPAH Medical Centre
100 Carillon Avenue, Newtown, Sydney
Tel: (02) 9557 1464
Fax: (02) 9557 0618
Web: Website
Tesla 1.5

San Radiology (Sydney Adventist Hospital)
Level 3, Clark Building,
185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga NSW
Web: Website
Email: Send
Tel: 02 9487 9840
Fax: 02 9487 9845
Two high-resolution 3T MRI scanners.
Recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Prostate MRI.
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Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
St Andrew's Place, East Melbourne.
Tel. (03) 9656 1111
Fax. (03) 9656 1400

Use a 3T MRI and does full parametric imaging for prostate cancer using an endorectal coil.
This includes, T2, gadolinium enhanced, diffusion weighted imaging and spectroscopy.


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