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Can artificial intelligence improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis?

A report in The Australian (16 January 2019) reports that a tech company (Maxwell Plus) is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose non-communicable diseases more accurately and more quickly so that doctors could act earlier.  This includes prostate, breast, and lung cancer.  It is also being applied to neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

The analysis uses medical imaging, blood tests, and patient data in their AI algorithms (formulas based on machine learning).  The claim is that by applying AI to images, some of the signs of cancer not detectable to the eye are identified.  AI also allows clinicians and doctors to be more efficient, it is claimed.

This may well be part of the future of diagnosis, especially in cases where the cancer is hard to detect as it can be in some cases or at early stages.  A biopsy would probably still be required to evaluate how aggressive the cancer is before treatment is determined.