My prostate cancer journey

I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in March 2017, after seven years of procrastination.  I had my first prostate specific antigen (PSA) test in 2010.  It was elevated but I found reasons to procrastinate.

After radiotherapy and ADT (androgen deprivation therapy), my progress was good and my prostate was removed in November 2017.  The last dose of ADT was in December 2017.

As at August 2019 there is still no detectable sign of cancer and the effects of the ADT are gradually wearing off, but slowly.

I describe my journey and much else in my 32 page booklet.  This covers the long period of procrastination between my first PSA test and taking action; how I felt before and after the diagnosis; co-therapies I used; and what I have learned about prostate cancer causes, treatments, and the future of prostate cancer.  I will donate 50% of the revenue to prostate cancer research and support.  The remainder will fund development of this website.

I will provide updates on my condition and experiences on this page and expect the next update in February 2020.