My Prostate


My prostate has three purposes.

  1. To provide information about prostate cancer.
  2. To communicate research findings on lowering the risk of prostate cancer and treatments for prostate cancer.
  3. To contribute to prostate cancer research.

During my prostate cancer journey, I found that information I could understand was hard to come by.  Medical practitioners are busy and do not always have time to provide the information men need.  It is a complex subject and information is not always expressed in language non-experts can understand.  Some aspects of prostate cancer are controversial.

I have set out to understand as much as I can and to communicate my findings in everyday language.

In my first consultation with a urologist after my first PSA test (which was 20!), I asked him if there was anything men could do in terms of diet and lifestyle to limit the risk of developing prostate cancer and to slow the progression.  He said “No”.  That was in 2010.  My research has found that there is a lot that men can do through diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk and to slow the progress.  I have communicated my findings so far in my booklet “My Prostate Cancer Journey” which is available at this website and I will continue my research.

Fifty percent of any funds received from the sale of the booklet will be donated to organisations which conduct research into prostate cancer.


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